Jada’s Star Wars 1st Birthday Party — 11-09-10–

Birthday girl is blowing her candle

wearing my DIY R2D2 hoodie



Jada’s Star Wars 1st Birthday Party — 11-09-10–


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The Darth Vader costume didn't arrive on time so I made her sumfin' she could wear. Who would've thought, a little girl will have a Star Wars birthday party and a Darth Vader at that? We could have opted her to be Queen Amidala or be a fairy or a bug or a princess and all those Disney characters. But boy, We don't dig those! My husband and I are Star Wars fans so that I guess explains every crazy thought here.

R2D2 Loot Boxes and Masks

cuppy cakes with Star Wars Figures and Light Saber stand

Stuffed Pupdawan favors

Queen Amidala Fondant Cake I made

cuppy cakes with Star Wars Figures

Storm Trooper Chocolate Bars ( I customised the wrappers)

Storm Trooper PiƱata

C3P0 Cookie Jar head and my own crappy but heartily made R2D2 fondant cake

Months after her birthday, the costume finally came.LOL. She wore it at a friend's costume themed bday party. She won best in costume. LOLOL